A school in Kannur district

By Remy Hans
This is one of the beautiful government schools in Kannur district. I visited this school during the district training’s field visit.
When I saw this classroom, it felt really heart warming. I saw a teacher present in class busy teaching children. The classrooms were spotless clean and there was ventilation in the classroom. Each class had a beautiful wall painting. After Mid Day Meal, all students get to play badminton, football for an hour.
The challenge faced by government schools in Kerala is very different from other states. There is supply by the government in terms of adequate number of teachers in schools, facilities such as library, computer laboratory for children, playground and sports equipment facility, provision of desks and chairs in classrooms and basic facilities such as toilets, drinking water facility. 
However, there is no demand for government schools by the parents. Most of the children in Kerala go to private schools. The number of children enrolled in government schools is very low. This school had 33 children enrolled in totality from Grade 1 to Grade 4.