Achieving ASER’s objective and personal goals

Due to the recent bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, the Annual Status of Education Report survey will be conducted in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana with separate state-level trainings.

We began ASER 2014 in Andhra Pradesh with a six-day state-level training. On Day 1, we had Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, president of Loksatta Foundation and founder of the Loksatta party join us as a special guest. It was wonderful to have him address the gathering of Master Trainers and interact with all of us, telling us about the relevance and impact of the work we are doing. He also discussed the history of ASER and the initial years of ASER in the state. His speech was followed by a Q & A session. This engagement was truly motivating for all those present at the training. For me, it is going to remain an unforgettable memory.

The participants in the training were supportive and greatly helped in making the state level training a success. This made me more efficient and better prepared than last year. One of the Master Trainers even told me that I had appeared in his dreams, asking him a question regarding the survey, as a result of the rigorous training! The Master Trainers were mostly students of social work. We also had a journalist and a head master of a government school who were great value additions to the classroom sessions.

This year I feel more confident of my abilities as an ASER Associate as I have conducted district level trainings in a few DIET colleges. It feels good to note this positive change in myself. I sincerely hope that this will further help in making ASER 2014 in the two states a success.

Nazmal is an ASER Associate at ASER Centre in Andhra Pradesha

All views expressed in this post are the author’s personal views