Anant, 18, lives in Satara district of Maharashtra. He is taking training to become an electrician at an ITI near his village. He chose to study at an ITI based on advice from others in the village who have done the same, and even encourages his friends to join him. Only four months in, he does not know about placement opportunities or jobs obtained by previous batches, because once seniors complete the course, all contact with them is lost.

Anant would like to join the police force. But after completing the electrician’s course he plans to pursue a B.Com to follow in his brother’s footsteps. For now, the only indication of his ambition to join the police are his evening runs.

He is not a frequent user of the internet, and accesses it on his friend’s phone when he wants to. His bhabhi however uses YouTube to teach herself topics like simple interest in preparation to take the Teacher Eligibility Test. Anant isn’t too keen on being her student though!

Other than the ITI and running, Anant spends time working on the family field where they recently harvested soya. He has no hesitation about leaving the village for education or job opportunities elsewhere, but he adds that he will find a month or so to come back home and work on the farm. Farming is an activity he will always share with his father and brother, but it’s not what he wants to be.

By Navishti Das

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