ASER 2013 in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana

Rishi Rajvanshi

Yesterday I was in Kuruskehtra and from there I went to do a full day-long household survey in the adjacent Yamuna Nagar District of Haryana.

Like any ASER survey it was an interesting day with many different experiences throughout the day. From bewildered parents… to bumping into a sharabi… to people thinking that we were from Government – especially when we asked about bikes, electricity in a household… to children who almost made it to the next level… to some very talented students who just don’t get any help at home. Homes which had nothing, homes which had everything that you can imagine – a day doing ASER is a mixture of many many colours of life in a village.

Here are some snaps (taken on a phone).

Our volunteer – Ravindra (D. Ed Student and future Pratham team member) and Sunita from Kurukshetra team.  Since Ravindra’s batch mate backed out last minute, he got his cousin to help him. Ravindra from the local B. Ed College was very meticulous and our Haryana team member Sunita was a very hard task master.  One could see that the guidelines were extremely clear to Ravindra and this shows that the sincerity with which the training was given and absorbed. Congratulations for the hard-working ASER team lead by Neeraj Verma. 

As usual the father had difficulty in recalling the age and classes of his three children. Also he said – “Humara kaam to school bhejna hain” (my job is to send them to school).

The only child found studying – it was a Sunday morning though.

A very talented girl on left hand side. Unfortunately no one to support her at home and father unable to send her to tuition.

In every household… while one child is tested, other kids quickly come to see what’s happening…


The stylish boy!

Some distracted by the photo opportunity!

Time to say Good-bye!