Adjei Kadiri, Ghana

My name is Adjei Kadiri, I work with Choice Ghana, a Ghanaian NGO and currently the Programme Coordinator of SCALE Ghana initiative (Ghana version of the Citizen Led Assessment).

ASER as the mother of Citizen Led Assessment has contributed massively to shape my way of thinking about education and children learning outcomes. My coming into contact ASER has exposed me to the fact that education data should not be a preserve to a certain group of people but must be made available to all citizens. It is only when citizens are aware of their problems through the evidence generated that they will contribute in finding solutions.

ASER has contributed in building my capacity on all aspects of planning, conducting, monitoring and communicating the citizen-led assessment process. ASER provided the platform for us to find a footing to be off to a good start when it comes to rolling out CLA in Ghana. ASER has undoubtedly remained as the reference point to our roll out of CLA in Ghana.

With ASER, I have learned how to write simply and concisely but meaningful to the target audience. ASER documents are simple and reader friendly making reading interesting and meaningful.