Bharatdeep Singh Malhi

I congratulate the team on beginning your worthwhile journey to ASER 2016. I think ASER is a wonderful journey much beyond just data collection. It will give you reason to stand for what is right and will bring the best version of you 🙂

While you prepare, practice the mapping of village, understanding the definition of Household, this workshop will allow you meet, interact with so many inspiring people around.

With my experience, I must say that ASER played an extremely important role in creating my understanding of education in development sector, It was primarily of ASER that i could connect to equation of input/output that eventually helped us while we were framing Parrho Punjab.

Believe me, ASER is Action, Handwork and will make your intellectual life – you can be proud of

And yes, don’t forget to enjoy your moments while you are on field. (When i was doing ASER somewhere in Punjab, we suddenly noticed that every household we were going, there were no children at home, later on we figured out – someone had spread the word that there was a team of young boys and girls carrying bags and are visiting to figure out children for vaccination. As the result all children went into hiding -some ran into fields)

Thanks Rukmini for allowing me to connect and also getting me back on my memory lane – precisely to 2007, Lucknow and yes for wonderful show of Chakk de India.

Best of Luck.

Bharatdeep Singh Malhi
State Head – Pratham
Punjab (2008-2010)