Day 90: Measuring beauty

“Night in a jungle is beautiful only in films.”

– A saying heard somewhere, long back.

But never heeded much,

Or, thought about a night in a jungle.

Vividly it struck today; suddenly, how?

With such a colossal force,

‘Isn’t night beautiful in a jungle?’

And, what about that mountain?

Yes, that lovely blue mountain.

Isn’t it pretty and immensely blue?

‘Why to worry, you don’t have to climb;

See as you saw and praise.’

Repeat as everyone says,

“It’s a beautiful blue mountain.”

The sky is vast and smooth,

Twisted and rough are the roads.

Spending night after night,

In a jungle to know its beauty,

And walking across the mountains

To know the colour called blue,

Here we are – the horde called ASER.

Digging deeper down the road,

Spreading wings against the tide,

To measure and understand –

The beauty of night in a jungle, or

Blueness of the blue mountains;

Using a scale profoundly simple,

Yet firm to reveal the reality.

The beauty called schools, and

An impressive blue of learning,

Trying here to understand,

Through faces so innocent.

And structures equally instructive,

Revealing here, the story of today,

The real beauty and deepening blues.
Soibam Nepola, Research Associate, New Delhi.

All views expressed in this post are the author’s personal views