Day 93: Sankalp volunteers

While starting out with the survey in Tamil Nadu this year, three volunteers from Sankalp came forward and asked to be a part of the ASER journey. I can now say that the three volunteers turned out to be the most active and dynamic team members.

After the initial orientation, we offered them roles as Master Trainers for a district, to which they readily agreed. In a nutshell, being a master trainer is like owning an entire district as far the ASER survey is concerned. From getting the training survey volunteers to collecting survey booklets, monitoring and recheck, it is two months of full-time work without a day off, and our 3 superstars accepted the responsibilities with wide smiles.

We had our state-level training for Master Trainers (MT) in Trichy where MTs from all districts came for a six-day training. All participants were fully involved and our 3 champs were named the “best rookies” for their involvement and liveliness.

The Sankalp volunteers were assigned the districts of Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur. The survey in Kancheepuram has been successfully completed and a whopping Monitoring and Recheck percentage of more than 75. This is, by survey standards, very high and speaks highly of the quality of the data collected. The survey in Thiruvallur is underway and we are expecting the parameter to exceed 90%!

We are indeed very pleased to have had volunteers from Sankalp. They have made the journey very fruitful and pleasant.

Thank you, Sankalp. Thank you, Mr. Terrance, Mr.Raja Sundaram and Mr. B Kumar.

Avinash Mohanraj is a Research Associate at ASER Centre.

All views expressed in this post are the author’s personal views