17-year-old Gopa is a resident of Jharkhand, and is currently pursuing History honours. It takes her an hour and a half to reach college, but she enjoys the journey as she has her friends around. She wants to complete her graduation first and then become a teacher, as her uncle encourages her to do. After that she wants to pursue “a dream job” somewhere in the city. She believes that she needs to be well-educated to pursue that dream job. Her father is not employed currently and her mother has been an Aanganwadi helper for about ten years.

Gopa has never been out of Jharkhand. The furthest she has travelled is to TELCO, Jamshedpur. She uses a mobile phone, but a very basic one; her mother has promised her to buy her a new one for her birthday. Although she has been to the bank, she doesn’t have an account herself. She likes watching TV and listening to old Nagpuri songs on the radio.

Gopa has four siblings and she takes care of her youngest brother. One of her older sisters is currently pursuing a vocational course at an ITI. Gopa hopes to be able to take care of the family one day. She feels responsible for her youngest brother and hopes to be able to give him better educational opportunities in the future.

By Akshat Choudhary

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