Pushpanjali Parida, Orissa

Pushpanjali Parida, Pratham State Head, Orissa

Starting from 2005 to 2010, ASER has been carried out with the support of partner NGOs, student of degree colleges and volunteers of Pratham. From 2011 we have tries to collaborate with SCERT; Odisha to be a part of the biggest people laid survey of India. In the initial stage the council disagree with our survey methodology, sampling procedure and compile report. But after sharing the report with the executive body they realize that, unless and until our facilitators don’t know the ground reality, it will difficult to prepare proper plan of action to achieve the same. Moreover it is the DIET pupil teachers who are going to handle the future education system should be involved in this process to acquire practical knowledge which will helps them in future course of action.

From 2012 onwards, after repeated discussion and analyse the ASER reports from back years, they were ready to help us in the form of involving the DIET pupil for HH survey. From that day we have been getting adequate cooperation from the council in all respect within its jurisdiction. The teachers also play the role of mentor to guide the surveyors, distribution of area, ensure authenticity of data collection & timely collection of records from the same. The council also analyse the findings of ASER and execute different strategies like ‘SAHAJ’, ‘UJJWAL’, etc to enhance the learning level of lower achievers.

We are very much thankful to all those people involved, intimate & initiate the great revolution of ‘ASER’ ka aser’