Savitri Bobde, Bangalore

Savitri Bobde, Co-founder, Goalwise

Learnt how to put on kajal without a light

And to pack super quick ’cause

I often didn’t know that soon I’d be on a flight
Learnt more about my taste in food
As much as I disliked the grub in Odisha
Andhra and Arunachal’s was lip smackin’ good
Unlearnt a thing or two about personal upkeep
That I can bathe without a bucket
And be in the same kameez for over a week
Learnt not to take myself too seriously
As whenever I thought I knew everything about ASER
A volunteer asked me something that was quite a googly
Learnt that making mistakes is alright
I could read the manual a 100 times
And still there could be a typo hiding in plain sight!
Learnt to not have a life and giving New Year parties a miss
Even came to terms with no longer being on the list
After all, it was far more important to work on the learning crisis!
As you can see I learnt as much about learning as about me
Experienced everything from Rajasthan’s heat
to conferences in Paris to debate education policy!
To cut a long story short,
In the 6.5 years that I was part of the ASER survey,
Our children may not have learnt a lot,
but my learnings grew every single day!

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