Meet our interns for 2013!

Every year, as part of the internship programme, ASER Centre welcomes a fresh batch of enthusiastic undergraduates and graduates between the months of June and August. Our interns typically spend two-three months working with the core teams in planning, preparing and implementing the many projects that ASER Centre is involved in. Tasks and profiles are assigned based on their areas of research and interest. This year’s diverse batch of students share details of their course, their roles at ASER Centre, living in India and surviving the heat!

Meet the 2013 batch:

Aditi Rawat

Currently pursuing: M.Sc in Economics, Doon University
Role at ASER Centre: Intern in the Assessment Unit

“My interest in education crystallised during the course of my programme at SOAS, where I developed an informed understanding of women’s education in India. It helped me take cognizance of the fact that education is not just a matter of policy-making. It requires a multi-dimensional approach and a keen appreciation of the subtleties involved therein. Prior to interning with ASER Centre, New Delhi, I volunteered for Seva Mandir, an NGO in Udaipur, Rajasthan. My field work included the introduction of an interactive Child Forum or ‘Bal Manch’ in the villages we toured, monitoring of the working of NFEs and the evaluation of ICDS. 

“At ASER Centre, I am involved in creating a database of various assessment studies and tools. Through this internship, I hope to develop some quintessential skills in quantitative research, policy analysis, educational planning, data analysis and management through the software, STATA.”
Akashi Kaul
Currently pursuing: M.S. Ed in International Education Development Programme, UPenn
Role at ASER Centre: Intern in the Research Unit

“Originally from Srinagar, Kashmir, I was raised in Kenya and Botswana before moving to India for my secondary education. I have three years of work experience in communications and education, and my previous employers include Hindustan Times and the Azim Premji Foundation. At ASER Centre, I am working on the Middle School Study. Going forward, I see myself working in an international context in the same field.”

Anjum Dhamija

Currently pursuing: M.Sc. (Hons.) in Economics and B.E.(Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering.
Role in ASER Centre: Intern in the Assessment Unit.

“I have worked with Nirmaan, an organization based out of my college campus, for four years, which gave me an opportunity to conduct research work on secondary data on education.

 I look forward to my time at ASER Centre to work on primary data, arriving on validated results and of course, to be among the some of the best minds. Indeed, I hope to learn more and I hope to continue my association with this organization in some form or the other.”

Camila Alva Chay

Currently pursuing: MPA/ID program, Harvard Kennedy School
Role at ASER Centre: Intern in the Research Unit

“I am a Peruvian economist, and I have worked in Washington, DC at IFPRI on topics related to agricultural economics. However, I have always been interested in gaining experience in educational policy in developing countries, since I consider education to be one of the most effective tools to realize one’s full potential and a sustainable way to overcome poverty. Therefore, I am thankful for the opportunity to do my internship at ASER Centre. During my short stay, I will be working on the skills part of the Middle School Study. I look forward to making the most of this experience. 

Ivonne Padilla

Currently pursuing: MPA/ID, Hardvard Kennedy School
Role at ASER Centre: Intern in the Research Unit

“My name is Ivonne Padilla and I am from Mexico. Before coming here, I finished the first year of the MPA/ID Program at the Kennedy School of Government. In Mexico, I studied Economics and worked in the Government for seven years in the social and finance sectors. I grew up in Mexico, and just like in India, the centre of discussions regarding education is now focused on the quality because the evidence of deficit learning. I have a keen interest in education policies and have come to ASER Centre, hoping to learn and contribute towards the generation of new evidence regarding access to and the quality of post primary education in India, especially girls’ participation in post primary education.   

María Antonieta Alva Luperdi

Currently pursuing: MPA/ID, Harvard Kenedy School
Role at ASER Centre: Intern in the Research unit

I have spent five years working for the Peruvian government. As a public servant, I realized that improving the quality of education is a real challenge for my country (just like it is in India). For example, even though we are considered to be“Latin America’s rising star”, thanks to our economic performance, in rural areas, only 5% of the students achieve the expected results in Mathematics. As an intern at ASER Centre, I will be part of a team that analyses and explores effective interventions to reduce the gender gap in access and learning performance, a challenge that Peru also faces.  I am sure this experience will contribute to my future performance as a public servant in my country.”

Marshall Davidson

Currently pursuing: Masters in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Role at ASER Centre: Intern in the Research Unit

“After reading about Pratham/ASER for years, I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend the summer with the team.  I’m looking forward to learning about Indian education and best practices for intervention.  Even though it’s hot, it’s great to be in Delhi.”


Currently pursuing: M.S. Ed in International Education Development Programme, UPenn.
Role at ASER Centre: Intern in the Social Sector Unit

“I am from China and I am very interested in Policy Planning, Early Childhood Development, Inter-cultural Communication and NGO dynamics. I will graduate this December.”

“Considering my interest in Early Child Development, I am currently busy with a Food and Feeding project targeting young children and a Gates Foundation grant-winning project titled, ‘Leveraging Literacy and Immunization’ at ASER Centre.”

“As a beginner working in the field of educational development, I hope to gain an in-depth and practical knowledge regarding Child Care and Education and hands-on research skills from my work. I have been reviewing some relevant literature regarding infant and young child feeding practices. I hope to optimally leverage this experience. Once I graduate, I plan to work in with UNICEF, UNESCO, or World Bank to gain more experience. Eventually, I plan to go back to China and work for my own country.”