Satyabrata Dey – My ninth ASER

picture-062_2-copyThis is my ninth ASER. I am doing ASER since 2007. Every year we conduct ASER survey in partnership with various NGOS and government institutes. This year in our state we are conducting ASER with DIET partnership. In this long period of time we engage every year with groups of volunteers.

In my personal experience ASER is the most important exercise for future development in our country because without children’s education, we can’t say our society is developed. Without ASER we can’t measure children’s reading or arithmetic ability. With ASER every year our finding shows what is the actual scenario, the level of our children. The importance of ASER is evident in the use of ASER data in government planning and policy formulation.

ASER 2016 is important because the government is in the process of formulating a new education policy.  The citizens of the country are also interested to know about their children. In my personal observation our findings should be necessarily be  shared with communities – parents, teachers, schools, children.

Satyabrata Dey

ASER Team, Assam