Rajkumar Sharma – ASER Tool in personal life!

rjI am Rajkumar and I work with IDinsight. Last week I met Dr. Rukmini Banerji at the IDinsight Global Summit where I had shared my experience with her on how the ASER tool has helped me assess my son’s learning level. This is my story.

My family lives in Dausa, Rajasthan. My son is enrolled in one of the top English medium school in our block for the last three years. Last year in April he passed his class II examination with 85% points. But I had noticed that he was not at a level, he is supposed to be at.

After the exam results I visited his school during a parent teacher meeting. I took a hard copy of the ASER tool (which we are currently using as part of our evaluation with STiR) and tested my son in front of all the teachers.

My son was unable to identify double digit numbers and unable to read Hindi words with ‘matras’. I had a conversation with the headmaster and teachers at my sons’ school about the level being taught in class II. I have noticed that after this interaction, teachers are more careful about my child’s learning and the quality of teaching. Now my son can calculate addition and subtraction without carry over. In Hindi he has reached the paragraph level (even though he struggles a bit with it).

I feel that people want to provide their children with good education in private schools but are unaware about the quality of education their children are getting. I feel they are more worried with the marks/percentage students are getting. I feel even small efforts like mine can help bring attention to the quality of education in the school. And to that end I feel the ASER tool can be very helpful for parents like me.

Thanks Ma’am for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with all of you!

Rajkumar Sharma