Robin Karan – Transformation “From being idle to a busy person”

“bring it on man – you made it to be a part of ASER”

 This is a feeling of a lifetime, thank you ASER

It was actually in college that I got to know about ASER. ASER came in my life in 2014 during the ASER survey. I was a volunteer back then in 2014 in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu. After that I completed my MSW in Loyala College, Chennai in 2016. ASER Research Associate chose me through interview to be ASER Manager for ASER 2016.

Ever since then, life has changed — travelling to places and exploring…

greenery all around!

For me this journey started with district level trainings. Interacting with people is amazing, and solving their doubts and clarifying is an interesting process. In Dharmaphuri the place to stay was so comfortable…In Krishnagiri I really enjoyed the field monitoring, during which the village persons told me about the village. The volunteer in Krishnagiri (attipatu) are involved and they interacted with me so well, they got me to their house and gave tea and food…I took a lot of pictures…

Lots of disappointments … lots to learn from…  I have moved on, life is all about you have the choice to fall apart or get back

“never back down”

That’s an inspirational movie… in which “life will knock you down but every time it does, you have to get back to normal”. Life has really changed a lot, from being an idle person at home to a busy person who hardly ever goes home…

ASER has been a life changing for me as I start my career.

Thank you ASER!

Robin Karan

ASER Manager, Tamil Nadu