Trishna Lekharu – Clinging to hope!

photo_trishna-1When I was discussing about ASER with the Head Man of the village I asked him what is your opinion regarding the 500/1000 rupees ban and its impact on black money? He looked at me, smiled and said I have only 3000 rupees with me and that too I have got from selling the grain in the market. So this is no black money. He said that this type of things does not make any impact on the people who are from the lower class and they also belong to the lower class.

In this ASER journey we meet people from various sections of society. We see the affluence of some people while we also see the poverty of the majority of people. We see the future of this country that wants to make a change but where the majority still live without basic

Many times we feel that ASER is not only about education but also about making people aware of their rights and how to make a better society. When we see the faces of the people in villages in a remote district we can feel that they are still clinging to hope for equality and a better future.

And yes, I am ASER.

Trishna Lekharu

ASER Team, Assam