Sakshi Kapoor

OMG! It’s been 10 years since I joined this movement…
11th ASER!!! Going strong and steady #Salute

I wish the team the very best…enjoy every moment of this movement! And as you will be told many many times – mark every hamlet on the map, check the formats before leaving the sampled house, start counting from the left, don’t be impatient with testing the child (the trainer in me can go on and on but I will not!); don’t forget to try tunde kabab, shop for chikan kurtas at old darwaaza, visit bara imambara and if you are lucky to get to go for pilot in the next district of Barabanki…see if the mango trees along the highway still have fruit…you’ll find some ripe mangoes on the ground! Do all this but come back to Sahbhagi! Make sure you’ve tightened every nut and bolt of ASER as you prepare to unfold this magic in your state. All the very best!

Look forward to hearing some stories from the field or pictures!

Sakshi Kapoor
ASER Centre
Research Associate – Maharashtra & MP

Sakshi Kapoor

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