Satyam Vyas

We believe that all children deserve quality education – realizing that vision means we must continue to revisit our very definitions of education, particularly for the children in rural India and evaluate what has changed. ASER is the largest “movement of education leaders”, each and every volunteer, staff, non-profits, universities, individuals involved in ASER survey are leaders who will touch and influence the lives of few million children in a short span of 100 days. No other survey in the world generates this kind of inclusive collective of people from all backgrounds working across sectors and no other experience in life will teach you how to deal with the ground realities. Best of the luck for the 11th ASER and remember that the world is waiting to see the results.

Satyam Vyas was Research Associate & Senior Research Associate
at ASER Centre from 2008-12. He is now at Going to School.