Sujata is a 17-year old student, studying in a government school in Std XII in the ‘Arts/Humanities stream’. Of all her subjects, she enjoys geography the most because in her words, she gets to learn about important climatic and geographical details about the earth.

She says she will need to start working immediately after completing her high school exams, because her family is poor; but if possible, she wants to complete at least her undergraduate studies in a nearby college. Her family owns some agricultural land, and all household members are involved in agricultural work. In busy months, during harvest for example, she often skips school to help on her family field, as well as working on others’ fields to earn some extra income.

As for what she’d like to do, she says ‘active service’. In Manipur this means the Police or the Army, and Sujata is referring to the state police force. This is her childhood dream. She wants to use her position to do good, serve society and reduce corruption. She doesn’t know the exact process for applying to the police service, but talks vaguely about having to work and study hard. She does however mention that there is a distant relative who will help her when the time comes.

By Purnima Ramanujan