Sukhmani Sethi

ASER Centre Research Associate - UP,Bihar & Jharkhand 2007-2009Thank you for keeping us connected as ASER enters a new decade!!!

It is only befitting that I am in Mumbai this week (where it all began for Pratham), visiting different types of schools and learning more about ‘how children learn’.

My best wishes to everyone gathered at Sahbhagi!!  Even as the training stretches on into odd hours of the day/night (and Salim Miyan transposes the copious notes/corrections into formatted tools) – and you wonder if the 5th house rule applies in every geography, once in the field everyone rests on you to make the decisions and champion the cause (so ask all those tricky questions now!!). But mostly I hope you have an enriching next few months as you carry the passion, curiosity and friendships, that ASER set into motion, to different parts of the country.


Sukhmani Sethi
ASER Centre Research Associate
Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand (2007-2009)