कहाँ खड़े हैं गाँवों के युवा ?

source url By Anant Vyas, MME Unit   आखिर हम सर्वेक्षण वाले गाँव में पहुँच ही गए | जिला मुख्यालय से लगभग 40…

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एक आवाज “मुझे भी सपनो में जीने दो”

opcje binarne książka by Sunil Kumar (ASER UP)   आत्म विश्वास से लबरेज कविता नामक लड़की से मेरी मुलाकत उसके ही स्कूल में…

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Viplow Shivhare, Rajasthan

http://captainaugust.com/?koooas=segnali-opzioni-digitali-facebook&3cf=87 I think ASER helped me understand that what I went through as a child was a deterrent and that now, I was in a position to create some amount of change. It was something that helped me assess and understand my situation better and also work for making the scenario better as a whole for so many kids. I feel satisfied to be a part of this journey of change.

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A First Hand Look at ASER’s Methodology

As I write this piece, I’m heading home for a short visit. And as I bask in Barbados’ world-renowned sun, sea and sand, I’ll ruminate on the logistics of a Caribbean ASER in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, Wilima, Rukmini, Ranajit and the team are tirelessly preparing this year’s ASER report in time for the January 18th deadline.

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Neeraj Trivedi, Delhi

That an effort led by a handful of individuals can change the education landscape of the second most populous country and, arguably, the most diverse country in the world has helped me expand my horizons of what an individual, or specifically, a small team of individuals, is capable of achieving. I am sure every single person who has ever been part of the ASER experience will subscribe to this Asar (impact) of ASER.

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