नया सेवरा

Hai bisogno di ulteriori informazioni su questa impresa? Contatta pure l'impresa go Srl tramite i recapiti che trovi qui nella sua scheda.Da anni — by Vishwaas Sharma    BHU student, ASER volunteer   अब युवा जाग उठो तम पर अरुणिमा “असर” दिखाया है…

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चली असर की सेना

http://podzamcze-dobczyce.pl/index.php/pl/restauracja/pl/o-nas/temporary/pl/restauracja/pl/o-nas/temporary/pl/restauracja/pl/restauracja/translate.google.com/translate?hl=pl   चली असर की सेना चली असर की सेना देखो तूफानों को चीर के। कार्यक्षेत्र मे जोश जगा,  ज्यों रणभूमि…

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Viplow Shivhare, Rajasthan

I think ASER helped me understand that what I went through as a child was a deterrent and that now, I was in a position to create some amount of change. It was something that helped me assess and understand my situation better and also work for making the scenario better as a whole for so many kids. I feel satisfied to be a part of this journey of change.

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