एक आवाज “मुझे भी सपनो में जीने दो”

source site by Sunil Kumar (ASER UP)   आत्म विश्वास से लबरेज कविता नामक लड़की से मेरी मुलाकत उसके ही स्कूल में…

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Viplow Shivhare, Rajasthan

I think ASER helped me understand that what I went through as a child was a deterrent and that now, I was in a position to create some amount of change. It was something that helped me assess and understand my situation better and also work for making the scenario better as a whole for so many kids. I feel satisfied to be a part of this journey of change.

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A First Hand Look at ASER’s Methodology

As I write this piece, I’m heading home for a short visit. And as I bask in Barbados’ world-renowned sun, sea and sand, I’ll ruminate on the logistics of a Caribbean ASER in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, Wilima, Rukmini, Ranajit and the team are tirelessly preparing this year’s ASER report in time for the January 18th deadline.

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An Experience during ASER Recheck

Then I thought –“Did they do it because it is related to national interest?” I don’t know the exact reason but if it is because of their concern for the national interest, then for me it is an amazing thing to know. I must appreciate the spirit of these youth, and also congratulate ASER who could identify it and were able to utilize it.

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