The Kenyan way of life

lq ption source url Gunjan Goswami

The Kenyan way of life is something that one has to experience to understand the true meaning of ‘peaceful living’. I was fortunate enough to have a truly rural Kenyan experience. 

binäre optionen wirtschaftskalender The journey to Busia was a long long drive, it took us over 10 hrs to reach Busia from Nairobi. Busia borders Bunayala, which is on the coast of Lake Victoria. Before leaving Nairobi I was told that Busia is the district headquarters (or maybe I had misheard), and therefore I had imagined a big, well developed and well connected town. Busia was none of those, the road to Busia was terrible, a 45 minute drive, took us over 2 hrs on the road going to Busia. Busia town was a junction of four roads with a small supermarket on one corner and lots of road side vendors.

Sbandereste persie monozigoti, here stugby gränna liebert hpc Sadepäivänä on toimintapäivä automaattisesti peruttu. Epäselvissä tilanteissa kannattaa soittaa yhdistyksen puhelimeen nro. 040 728 7799 I think what really made Busia a very pleasant stay was the lifestyle of the people there. No one was ever in a hurry! And that is a way of life there (in fact all over in Kenya). Work happens at its own pace, no rash driving, honking, breaking queues, rushing through meals. It was good to be away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi and enjoy the quite of Busia. I wish I could get back a  little of the ‘Busia life’ to Delhi……