When do you plan to get a real job?

By Abhineet Singh Malhotra
I was travelling from Delhi to Amritsar to conduct a district Level training in which students from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar would be trained on conducting ASER survey. Most of my relatives live in Amritsar; going there and not living with them would get me in a lot of trouble in the next family reunion. I usually like to reach my training location 1 day in advance so upon reaching Amritsar, I immediately went to my relative’s house to drop off my luggage and decided to utilize my time by visiting the Golden Temple. 
While I was going back, I knew that I would have to deal with two things- Lots and lots of food and discussion around my job with an NGO. My relatives have a very simple question with respect to my job- “When do you plan to get a real job?” I have never been able to truly answer this question and since I was going to be spending considerable time trying to answer this, I thought that I would try to explain to them what I do at ASER. Given most people in Punjab are quite high in ‘spirits’ during nights, and so was my uncle, all my efforts to explain my point of view were wasted. So, I decided that rather than getting in any further discussion I would take my uncle with me to show him the ASER ka ASER. He came to drop me at the training venue and was baffled to see around 90 students waiting for me outside the training hall. I told him that all these students are here to listen to me. 
In that very moment I knew I had answered all his questions. In the next family reunion I would have to deal with one less person asking me about my job (Now I just have to think of a solution to deal with too much food, which hopefully is simpler!)