Shaik Nazmal – Life in ASER

I am a simple guy with a simple lifestyle. I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry as a commercial officer where my role was handling dispatches to domestic and international customers. After working for almost 2 years there, I felt I was living a mechanical life but this continued only until I joined ASER.nazmal2

In 23 years of my existence I did not get an opportunity to travel out of my own district but ever since I have joined ASER and in these last 4 years alone I have had an opportunity to travel all over INDIA! My journey in ASER started at the ASER 2013 National workshop in Siwan, Bihar. Since then I have been to all the districts of AP and Telangana. I have walked down the roads for miles to reach villages for survey along with the volunteers. Every time I have been in the field the experience has been new and enriching!nazmal

From a village of Adilabad district in the state of Telangana, I met an old illiterate man who was very interested in improving the learning level of children in his village. He is a farmer who goes to the field in the morning and works hard to earn his livelihood. Out of his little earnings, he contributes some amount in purchasing teaching material for the kids in his village. After meeting him and getting to know the effort that he puts in towards improving the status of education in his village, I got very inspired. He made me realise that if an illiterate, old individual can understand the importance of basic education of children why can’t people like us, who have been fortunate to receive education, think of ways to improve the learning levels of children in all the interior villages. Inspired by this old man I have started on my journey; I have been to the farthest and remotest places of the state to ensure the quality of ASER data.

ASER has given me an opportunity to visit different places, meet people from different communities and tribes and lots of children coming from diverse background and with different learning abilities!

“Thank You ASER for giving me such a wonderful life!”

– Nazmal is State Associate, ASER in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana